We might be the last
generation to ever type
into a search engine.

Articulink is developing the next generation of user interfaces. We are building a Silent Speech Interface which works based on the principle of subvocalization. There are endless applications. The device will be used as an Assistive Communication Device, in Tactical Communication and as a centralized, unobtrusive interface to all our devices.

We are a team of Machine Learning Research and Robotics Engineers, Computational Linguistics Researchers and Speech and Language Therapists. Our current focus is to give back the voice to the 500,000 people who are unable to speak today.


Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First is a London-based company builder and startup accelerator.


SGInnovate is helping the entrepreneurial and ambitious build products and companies in science and tech.


NVIDIA, inventor of the GPU, creates interactive graphics on laptops, workstations and more.

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